Grace Heyward

Author of Kiss to Betrayal Coming Through and Emotional Abuse, A Costly Mistake and the Bliss Series, Wicked Bliss and Unattainable Bliss

Grace Heyward-Author


For Grace, writing has always been a big and important part of her life.  She grew up in small community 70 miles northest of Los Angeles.  It has always been her way of expression.  For as long as she could remember, she has kept a diary or journal.  She took a journalism class in community college, considering a serious career in journalism or news reporting.  The writing bug bit Grace hard when she received her first by line in the community college paper, The Maurader Times.  She wrote using her given name, Mary Speight.  This was her first story and it was placed on the front page of the college paper.  What a rush!  So was writing Kiss to Betrayal and seeing it published, on the first try, it was AMAZING!  

"Writing for me, just like so many other forms of creative outlets, ie, photography, scrapbooking, even cooking have been a wonderful source of harnessing that energy and allowing my emotions have a voice.", Grace said.  "Writing is working through that process.  Whether you are writing creatively or other wise, the ideas on your heart or in your mind, and its a process working through it all to reach that beautiful finished project." There is beauty in everything around you and for Grace, the written word has always held her attention and fed her imagination.  

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