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Happy New Year!!!


Its a new year and a new book!  A Costly Mistake has been more than one year in the making.  I actually started writing it while I was in high school and when my best friend told me to take an old story and expound on it, I didn't think it would have turned out as much fun as it had.


What is it about?  Its a suspense-romance.  Once the book goes into print, I will be able to submit an excerpt here for everyone to read.


I also wanted to take this time to thank all my supporters and readers of The Kiss to Betrayal, Coming Through Emotional and Mental Abuse.  Writing that book has been a very exciting experience, as well.  Its great to think that with this second book, 2010 will be a great opportunity for me to see my dreams and goals come to fruition.  In 2008, I could say I was a published author.  I am now able to say I have written a second book.  I am hoping for 2010, to use the time to explore other types of genre for writing, but, I am hoping to continue writing for the rest of my life and to continue to be a published writer.


Thanks for checking out the website.  Be sure to check back for additional updates.

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I'm Baaaack.....sort of

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I can't believe how long its been since I've written an entry. So much has happened in this crazy life of mine, and unfortunately, none of it has to do with writing.

By trade, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and life/relationship coach and I've started a private practice and it has actually taken up a great deal of my time, but, the dawning of 2014 has me deciding to have dual careers, because I love both. I love being of service to others and I love to write.

I'm not a very good blogger, not going to lie, but, I'm also challenging myself this year, since I want to continue my writing, that I need to stay up on my website, which includes this blog. I do spend a great deal of time on my Facebook page Grace Heyward and I do hope you are following me there, and if not, you can click the link and "like" my page. You may also find me on Twitter @GraceHeyward.

I have completed, well, its not totally completed, its in the editing and proofing stage, but, Three A.M. Conversations with God; Disappointment has been retitled, revamped, and reworked and will be available, I am hoping Spring 2014. I have been putting it off for too long. For those who are interested, its a book on prayer.

I would like to be sure to once again invite you to my Facebook and Twitter pages and either "like" or "follow" and I will keep you posted on the release of Three AM Conversation with God; Disappointment. Thanks so much to those who have stuck around. I do appreciate you and your support.

Been Out of It

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I am so sorry that I have been away from posting anything new on the website. Can't even remember when was the last time I was here. But, in my defense, I was having problems posting, so, I took to Facebook to post a few things, but, now, that I am here and the website is working properly, I am BACK!!!!

I wanted to be sure to share with all of you the new erotic romance/thriller I have been working on. I call it an erotic romance/thriller, because well, to be honest, I don't think there is a real genre for my books, so I am going to rename it. The series is the Bliss Series, Wicked Bliss, Unattainable Bliss and Blissful Obsession. The story is of a young ex-stripper, Lorraine Russell, who had an affair with a wealthy older man while stripping. She finally leaves (or so she thought) the relationship and the world of erotic dance for the normalcy of a nine to five and no desire for any relationship, other than, the ocassional sexual encounter with her boss, Mason Oliver. Things move quickly and Lorraine finds herself married to her boss and fighting off the continued advances of the older ex-lover, only to complicate things when Mason's and Lorraine's world collilde even more with more secrets and lies and devastating betrayal.

All three books will be available online through and, and Wicked Bliss is currently undergoing a new revamping (rewrite, editing and proofing). Hoping to be re-released at the end of August 2013.

If you would like to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, look for me under Grace Heyward.

Wicked Bliss

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Last year I began work on an eBook, Pure Bliss. I ended up retitling the book and it is now called, Wicked Bliss. Its the first book in the Bliss Series. Today is the last day to download the book for free on for your kindle. Remember it is for mature readers.

New eBook

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Its been a while since I've been here.  Life has been running me around like a crazy woman, but, I think I am now able to sit back and do more writing and get my eBook out there, Pure Bliss.  Pure Bliss is a romance/erotic suspense novel about a woman who doesn't mean to, but, falls in love with her boss, who becomes her savior.  Lorraine Russell thought her past as a stripper/dancer was dead and buried, until she began receiving flowers from a secret admirer, who isn't such a secret.  She doesn't mean to fall in love with her boss, but, the more he comes to save her, she begins to realize he is the man of her dreams and helps her save her from her nightmares.  Lorraine's life turns upside down when the man she had an affair with becomes her stalker with the desire to drive her to the brink of insanity. 

Stay tuned and keep a look out for Pure Bliss


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I am going to try my hand at self-publishing through  I am also going to write under a new genre. No, I'm not trying to reinvent myself, but, it appears these last few months I have been pulled to go into a career direction.  I am a trained Marriage and Family Therapist and I've written a couple books and couple articles here and there, but, of late, I have found that I am being pulled into a new career direction, writing full time.

I have no idea where this is going to take me and it doesn't really much matter.  I am going to go wherever I am being led or called, really and I am looking forward to this new adventure.

I've started a new book and it's in the genre of adult erotica or even just adult erotic romance, not sure, maybe, I'll great a genre of my own. :) But I've always wanted to write in this area.  So, I am going to self-publish this book and see what happens.  When it becomes available, I'll put up a post and an excerpt.

Blog Talk Radio Interview

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If you weren't able to listen tonight to the I had a interview to discuss my book Kiss to Betrayal Coming Emotional and Mental Abuse.

Be sure to click the link and listen.  I am on after Robert Sicilliano, a Success Coach on  Be sure to listen to him as he gives suggestions as to how to keep your identity safe while on the internet.

3am Conversations with God, A Personal and Spiritual Journey

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I have completed a new book, 3am Conversations with God, A Personal And Spiritual Journey to be published by Tate Publishing.  I am sharing traumatic and personal stories of my life and the relationship I have with Jesus Christ.  I shared my prayers I have offered up to God during my time of need.  3am Conversations with God illustrates my continued and growing faith as a Christian.  I hope that when you read 3am Conversations with God, A Personal and Spiritual Journey, you will be able to see that even in your own struggles, challenges and losses, you are still a child of God and He hasn't forsaken you or forgotten you.  Stay posted for a release date.


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Be sure to check out my blog
I've created a blog for folks that follow the Law of Attraction.  I've been practicing the Law of Attraction for only a few months, and have found that like most religion and philosphies, you always want to be sure to talk with other or support and encourge one another.  
There is also a page in which you share what you have manifested.  This is another way of sharing and helping others to stay positive and motivated and uplifted.
It isn't easy to carry peace in our hearts 24 hours a day, but, its important that we try and that we do.  Without peace there will be no joy and with no joy there would be no happiness.
So be sure to check it out and share what it is you have been manifesting.

Update Update Update Update

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Be sure to keep a look out on my Fan Page to see when I will be on the radio.  Internet radio, that is.  :)  I will be on on the the radio August 28 from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm EST and will be talking about my new eBook, 3am Conversations with God, A Personal Spiritual Journey, along with my other two books, Kiss to Betrayal and A Costly Mistake.

Also, next month I will be speaking with January Jones on the radio on September 13, 8:00 pm EST.  I recently became a Coach on and I will be discussing some of the lessons I have been contributing to the website.  Please check out and look for Grace Heyward.  You will find my lessons.  Please leave a comment if you find the lessons helpful.  I will also be discussing my new eBook, as well.

Be sure to check my fan page for the specific times and for any changes.

Summer Reading

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I know summer is almost over, but, if you haven't found that great summer read, my book, A Costly Mistake is out on Nook.  You can order and download onto Nook.  It may not be the "GREAT" summer read, but, its fun and you will enjoy it.

My book, Kiss to Betrayal, isn't on Nook, but, you can still order it as a paperback.  I still love to hold a book in my hand and turn the pages.  This is a pager turner, and you will enjoy it just as much as if it were on Nook.


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