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Happy New Year!!!


Its a new year and a new book!  A Costly Mistake has been more than one year in the making.  I actually started writing it while I was in high school and when my best friend told me to take an old story and expound on it, I didn't think it would have turned out as much fun as it had.


What is it about?  Its a suspense-romance.  Once the book goes into print, I will be able to submit an excerpt here for everyone to read.


I also wanted to take this time to thank all my supporters and readers of The Kiss to Betrayal, Coming Through Emotional and Mental Abuse.  Writing that book has been a very exciting experience, as well.  Its great to think that with this second book, 2010 will be a great opportunity for me to see my dreams and goals come to fruition.  In 2008, I could say I was a published author.  I am now able to say I have written a second book.  I am hoping for 2010, to use the time to explore other types of genre for writing, but, I am hoping to continue writing for the rest of my life and to continue to be a published writer.


Thanks for checking out the website.  Be sure to check back for additional updates.

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I am going to try my hand at self-publishing a new e-book, 3am Conversations with God, A Personal Spiritual Journey.  Lately, the word self-respect, or respect has been rolling around in my head and it does have something to do with my personal spiritual journey.  At 43 years old, you would think I would be more self-reliant.  For the most part, I am, but, I have been a spoiled kid. :)  If you have been following my post, you know that I have moved out of my home town to a place I knew no one and nothing about, other than people pass through on their way to Vegas.  I believe God moved me out here.  I have had some struggles, but, I have learned to become much more reliant upon him.  My family has had a difficult time with some of my choices and struggles, but, that's self-respect.  If I fall, it is by my own hand and no other.  If I make poor choices, it is by my own decision and not others.  I'm learning to respect myself, to stand on my own two feet and make my own way.  This is what 3am Conversations with God is about.  My personal spiritual journey through depression, grief, poor decision making, and coming to self-respect.  I heard someone say, "If life is a game, then shouldn't be fun?" I agree with him.  I'm also taking the road less traveled for myself and going to self-publish and it will be an e-book.  I am pretty excited about the prospects of how this will all turn out.  Hope you stick around to find out with me.


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Such a cool word, Ephiphany.  I had an Ephiphany this morning.  I've been reading the Secret, the Power and even studying the Law of Attraction.  Every morning I have been checking in with myself, asking myself how I feel?  In the last three mornings, including today, I have felt sad, maybe a little melancholy.  My honey is away working in another state and I haven't heard from him.  Financially things have been pretty rough and I feel I am constantly struggling.  This morning I was thinking these things through and realized that I've continued to put more negative energy towards them and have been having early morning pity parties.  I recognized that I am living my life the way I wanted.  I've left my job, which I think was a God-thing and I am doing all the things I've wanted.  I'm even getting some money for them.  And I recently received a phone call for a possible interview for a Therapist position.  I couldn't understand my hesitation for making the call (which I plan to do) for the interview.  I am happy and content with my life the way it is.  I don't like that my honey is so far away and we aren't able to speak, but, only text.  But, I know he loves me.  We are going to be celebrating out 2 year anniversary, next month and I am praying he comes home so we can celebrate.  Money is trickling in and I am thankful for that.  I'm not starving and I haven't been evicted from my apartment (not, yet :)).  I am where I am suppose to be in my life and I am doing exactly what God has asked me to do.  There isn't any time to be sad or worry.  I love my life!!!

Don't be afraid-just do it!

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This is a contributed blog.....

Don't be afraid-just do it!
By Malik Mirza
What stops us from doing what we want to do? What makes us stick in our comfort zone all the time? It's the 'fear of unknown'.  People prefer steady, well paying jobs over business.  One of the major reasons for choosing jobs over the business is the 'security'.  What does FEAR stand for? One of my mentors ineterpreted FEAR as: F-False, E-Expectations, A-Assumed, R-Real So-Fear mean, False Expectations Assumed Real.  Most of the things we generally anticipate never happen!  Isn't it so? It's our own self-talk which is more disturbing than actual happenings around us.  Let's consider a practical example.  Suppose we intend to initiate a business and stop doing our routine job.  Is it possible?  Cetainly yes.  There are scores of people out in the world who have done it.  Why not go out and ask any of them to become our mentor and help us? If others can do it, why can't we?
A small story: It's all in our mind and I would like to narrate a small story here: "There was a womane named Janet who thought to follow her passion.  However, she was afaid, i.e., 'What will happen when I leave my job? Who is going to feed me? What will happen to my credit card bills?' Janet was confident that she could very easily make pies and sell them.  She had little capital, too, but the fear of unknown was a barrier.  Deeply into her depressing thoughts, she was sitting on a bench in a park.  She saw a man who was constantly staring at her.  She asked the man, 'Why are you staring at me?' The person said, 'My name is J. Rockafeller and I have a lot of money.  I have no kids and I was thinking to give it to someone.  Would you mind if I gave you my $10,000?' Janet became happy inside.  Recluctantly she said, 'If you were happy to share your inheritance, I am more than happy too.'  J. Rockafeller gave her the check.  The next morning, Janet resigned from her job and started preparing to sell pies from her home.  She decided that she would use the check at the time when there was no other way out.  Janet decided to use her little capital first and placed the check from Rockafeller into her drawer.  Months started passing and her little business started growing.  Gradually, she hired three more women and her shop was going well.  She almost forgot about the check.  One day, she was stunned to see the picture of Mr. J. Rockafeller in the newspaper.  She bought the newspaper and started reading.  The news story's tag line, "An insane person who portayed himself as J. Rockafeller and provided fake checks passed away last night in the park."
Fack Check! Janet was moved.  She thought, 'was that a fake check which she never used?'  What if she was unable to work on her business? What would have happened when she would have gone to cash the check at the bank? At that time she realxed she had done it on her own.  It was mental barrier which stopped her from starting her business.  She never needed any outside assurance in form of any check-it was the FEAR which was stopping her.  So-let's abandon the fear and just do it!
About the author: Malik Mirza is professionally a chartered accountant working in a telecommunication company.  He loves teaching, writing, consulting and helping people achieve their dreams and goals.  He blogs regularly at


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These words came to me this morning, "Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terried because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you."  Deuteronomy 31:6

I have taken a leap of faith recently in promoting myself as a Writer.  I am a Therapist by trade and recently have been spiritually blocked from practicing my livelihood.  This is truly a huge leap of faith, because I believe I am a very good Therapist, but, I also believe I have a gift for writing and I am now being asked to reach out to people to help them through my words.

I recently read the books, the Secret and the Power and they have helped to reinforce what I have already known, through my own personal walk with God, to Ask, Believe and Receive.  God says, why ask if you are going to doubt? I suppose I have been asking and have been afraid of not receiving what I have asked for.  So this morning, God reminded me, "But, when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of sea, blown and tossed by the wind.  That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does." James 1:6-8

This is an incredible time!  I can feel the electricity coursing through my veins and I'm typically not a hyper person, but, I am finding I can't sit still.   I encourage all of you who read this to not be afraid of your dreams or to even follow your goals/dreams.  They were born on your heart and you are being led to follow them, to accomplish them.  God Speed.

Peace and Joy

Rumor has it

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"Rumor has it..." I love that phrase.  I can't stand gossip.  Never had, never will, but, that phrase just puts a smile on my face.  What could someone be saying about me?  

I am currently on leave from my job at a non profit agency and the rumor has it, I'm not coming back.  There is a whole lot of truth in that rumor.  Rumors are more set in truth than gossip most of the time, in my experience. Sometimes I love being the center of a rumor, because of what some else is thinking.  

What do you think?  Is there a phrase that puts a smile on your face?  It doesn't matter if its a negative or positive phrase.  What would that be?  Come on, share?


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Lately I've been going through a transformation and I'm loving it!  I've been placed on adminstrative leave from my job and plan to go back next week, I think. :) but, I have been able to devote all this time (this past week) to reinventing myself and/or refining myself.  I realize I do love myself.  I am happy with life, the choices I have made and the road I am currently on.  I have been filled with much gratitude, as well.  I am thankful for everything and I am Blessed that God has placed me on this journey.  My friends are surprised by my attitude.  In the past, I would have freaked out or maybe did something rash, but, I've decided to just go with the flow and let God lead me.

I've been concentrating on my writing.  I've started another chaper of Self Betrayed.  I've written a success story in treating an adolescent with an eating disorder, I've even been asked to write an article for a blog, which I just completed and will let you know when its posted.  I'm waking up and believing that each day is filled with surprises, twist and turns, and God has it all covered.  I am also waking up wondering what He has in store for me.  I wonder what difference am I going to make in someone else's life, either through my books, my posts on Facebook, even my tweets on Twitter.

To quote someone I read today...Positive Affirmation: Today I will be effective in all that I do. I will focus on doing everything to the best of my ability striving for perfection. I will uplift others around me with my words and actions. I will be at the right place at the right time with the right mind set. Today is a precious gift from God & I will not waste it. :)♥-Shawn Decker

A Costly Mistake e-book on Nook

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I have to think this is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me!  A Costly Mistake is an e-book on Nook through Barnes and Noble!!!

I have to say its like when I saw my book in print for the first time, its CRAZY!  I can't even try to describe what it feels like.  I wasn't certain I wanted to do e-books, and well, now, it doesn't seem so bad.  I'm pretty excited about it.

I do hope you check it out and download it for your e-reader or Nook.

Positive Attitude

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I normally don't do this when I'm working on a writing project, but, I've read two books in the last two weeks.  I've read The Power and Heaven is Real...  I've enjoyed both books and found they are very similar.  Though the Power speaks of having a positive attitude and visualizing.  My interpretation has been with regard to the Secret and the Power is to have faith and believe in what you are wanting, as well, as "claiming" it as yours.  Heaven is Real is a story of faith and believing in God.

I've taken a huge leap of faith recently and submitted my notice at my employer this past week.  I want to be able to build a private practice, become certified in life coaching and as a grief and loss counselor.  I also plan to take my final test for licensure next month, as well.  I've been placed on administrative leave for two weeks, at my job because of not having my curren registration number, so I can't see clients.  I see all of this as a blessing in disguise.  I see God working in my life and really propelling me forward.  Every so often I get a little uneasy, but, I know that I am going to be okay.

I've been writing a lot, too.  I wrote a success story regarding a client and addictive behaviors, including developing an eating disorder.  This was published on, be sure to check it out.

I'll continue to keep you posted on all the upcoming changes, twist and turns in the refining of me.


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I hadn't been too sure I would enjoy the ebooks.  I was more afraid of them than anything else.  So when Publish America sent out notification to make your book and ebook, I wasn't jumping on the band wagon.  It hadn't anything to do with cost.  I think they are priced nicely, I just couldn't wrap my head around not having a "book" in my hand.  I wouldn't say I am old school, but, I do love traditions.  They are for a reason, but, I am also living in the 21st century and traditions are evolving.  I didn't have a personal computer when I was growing up and I definitely didn't have a cell phone or even had texting capabilities when I was high school.  But, I took a small and silent poll of people I saw with ebook devices, kindle, nook, etc and found they are very happy with the ebook.  They also continue to read the traditional books and magazines, but it has become much more fun.  So, I am buckling down and I am purchasing a device from Verizon to load and read books and one of my books, A Costly Mistake will become an ebook.  I'm testing the waters.  I'll let you know when the book becomes available and what I think about it and if I plan to make my other book, Kiss to Betrayal, an ebook as well.  Happy reading!

It's Been A While

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It has been awhile since I've posted any news.  Things have been incredibly busy with my work as a Therapist and trying to study to become licensed and oh, yes, work on Self Betrayed.  I thought when I got older ilfe would have gotten easier, but, I have found that isn't the case.  Don't get me wrong, I love my life with all the ups and downs and the crazy stuff, ie, financial responsibilities, etc.  I wouldn't change it for anything, but, sometimes, just sometimes, I wish it would slow down just a minute so I could catch my breath and then get up and run another mile or so.  As I mentioned, I've been working on Self Betrayed and I have been reading old journal entries about getting out of the abusive relationship and moving on, and that I continued to betray myself with lies and mistrust.  I've been learning lessons I guess you could say.  I've always wanted to be that wise old woman who people come to for comfort and understanding.  I suppose I am working on it.  I read something the other day that touched me.  I read an article on yahoo regarding relationships and the writer was glad to know that "Waitey Katie" was 29 years old when she married Prince William.  The writer stated she thought she wasn't ready to get married and she is in a long term relationship of 4 years.  She also stated she was in her mid twenties and still had so many things she wanted to accomplish and she believes she doesn't completely know herself.  I partly agree with her.  I am in my 40s and I've never been married and I am in a relationship.  I've been engaged a few times in my early twenties and in my thirties and well, I didn't marry because I wasn't ready.  And thank goodness I recognized that, but, I have finally found out who I am and I'm comfortable with who I am and I didn't find this out until I reached my late 30s early 40s.  I am ready to be married to have that commited relationship.  I don't really think that there is a magic number when someone, male and female should get married.  Marriage was really created to create families (babies), but we don't do that anymore, we are having babies without being married.  In my case, I'm not going to have babies and I had to find that out and be comfortable with that.  There is something to be said about life lessons.  If you don't learn from them the first time around, you are going to have to keep reliving it until you do.  I love the man I'm with now.  He is incredible!  But, I had to go through 12 years of ugly before I could find him and I had to betray myself before I could accept what a wonderful gift I deserve.  Being patient and waiting isn't all that bad and being uncomfortable causes you to make a change.  


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