Grace Heyward

Author of Kiss to Betrayal Coming Through and Emotional Abuse, A Costly Mistake and the Bliss Series, Wicked Bliss and Unattainable Bliss

Kiss to Betrayal Coming Through Emotional and Mental Abuse 


 Chapter Fourteen

     Rick continued to meet Roslyn secretly.  He told Maura that they were ending the relationship, and that was the first time Rick ever closed the door on Maura's face.  He had been angry with her many times.  He even pushed her away, figuratively, but he never told her to go away and closed the door on her.  Maura had gone to his home to see how he was doing, and she found Roslyn's car parked in the driveway.

     "We're talking, and I'm apologizing," he said, through a barely open door.

     Maura could see that he had his undershirt and jeans on.

     "We are working out the details about the rental and furniture and stuff.  I'll call you later," he said and closed the door.

     Maura stood at the door, humiliated once again.  It seemed to be an ongoing theme in their relationship lately.  This time she felt like a puppy dog being told to go home while the kid went to school.  The only thing Rick didn't do was literally kick at her to go home.  Since this affair, Maura caught herself begging Rick to stay in her life.  Instead of accepting that he didn't want her, Maura was trying to manipulate the situation.  She had become so familiar with being hurt and abused that she didn't think that she could make it without him.

     Rick never seemed to recognize the hurt that he was causing each time he hurt her, but when she would say something, he would say, "I don't want to hurt you."

     She would reply, "then stop."  But Maura never seemed to get how to stop being his emotional and mental punching bag.

     She got lost in his life.  She had made his life hers.  There was no way he could function without her.  She had always taken care of him.  She was there for what seemed like day one.  They had a huge history.  How could she possibly leave? How could he?  Yet she was always placed in second position; she was never really first with him.  She knew she didn't need to beg for attention from him or anyone for that matter, but she was begging for him to be with her.

     The day after Roslyn threw bottles at Rick he came to Maura's house.  He wanted to talk about what happened the night before.  It seemed whenever Maura caught Rick with his pants down, they seemed to always have these excruciatingly long, drawn-out conversations that never explained anything.  They had one after the woman in the apartment, and there was one with Beth, and there was always one about Cara.  Each conversation was expounded on the ones months before.  But for Maura, this one was big, and it was different.  Rick came to her with answers to her questions, with what she thought or believed to be the truth.

     "Are you planning to continue to see Roslyn?" she asked him.

     "No," he answered.

     "You said you wanted to be on your own.  How was this being on your own? She set you up in that place," Maura said.

     "She told me that it would be my house, and she was okay with me being there alone..."he said.  She didn't let him finish.  "But she said I couldn't come there,"  Maura finished for him.

     "Yeah, and I got angry, but I figured I would just come here." He said.

     Maura thought, You couldn't be man enough to stay away from her, and you wanted her to take care of you.

but she didn't voice that.  Instead she asked, "When was the first time you two slept together?"

     "He sighed deeply and then answered, "It was in October."  He went on to say, "We didn't sleep together for a long time," as if that were supposed to smooth over the fact that they had been sleeping together for months, even before the moved into the house, and then during their anniversary, no less. 

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