Grace Heyward

Author of Kiss to Betrayal Coming Through and Emotional Abuse, A Costly Mistake and the Bliss Series, Wicked Bliss and Unattainable Bliss

Grace Heyward-Author






In 2007 Grace Heyward wrote Kiss to Betrayal, Coming through EmotionaI and Mental Abuse.  A story of a young woman living through an abusive relationship and realizing she has the ability to take back her power and stop the abuse and begin to live her life the way she wants.

 "Kiss to Betrayal was a great read! I kept wishing for Maura to just smack Rick and move on!!!  Thank you Grace for writing a book showing women that a violent relationship is not worth having."-Mary Meister-Perry 2010

In 2010, Grace wrote a new book.  A Costly Mistake available through publisher,, and B& 

Back cover...Joe and Mary Cannon had a simple life, no bells or whistles. That is until Mary blew the whistle on Joe’s long standing affair that almost cost them their lives. Joe’s ex-best friend, Joshua Baker has never gotten over Mary and when he and Joe’s mistress team up to break up Mary and Joe’s marriage, it becomes deadly.

 "I finished "A Costly Mistake" on the drive to Florida! I loved it!"-Rita Coughran Bird, 2010

"I could not put the book down, titillating, and edgy!!  I see a movie"….Linda, 2010

"A Costly Mistake" by Grace Heyward is filled with intrigue and raw, unbridled emotion. Mary finds herself entangled in a web of deceit. The twists and turns lead her through a very dark, volatile journey. Not all is fair in love and war. A must read!"...PA Author, Shelley Walden, 2010  

 The Kiss to Betrayal by Grace Heyward is a novel about a woman, Maura Martin, who struggles through an abusive relationship. Maura and Rick Watters meet at college and they develop somewhat of a friendship but turns out Rick is married but separated at the moment. Rick promises to call her but never does and four years go by until he contacts Maura again. Their relationship develops and one day at a restaurant he tells her he is going to prison for helping move drug shipments. Supposedly he thought he was helping a friend move and didn't know the containers contained drugs. Once out of prison they start up their relationship again. All is well until Maura discovers another side to Rick. An abusive side. But since it is mental and emotional abuse, Maura doesn't see it as abuse. It takes many emotional outbursts from Rick and advice from friends for Maura to realize what is really happening and an unwanted pregnacy to bring her to reality. 

The Kiss to Betrayal is a novel for every woman who thinks just because a man has not hit her, he is not abusive. There is the such thing as emotional and mental, as well as physical abuse. I know because I have seen it. Unfortunately too many women do not stand up against this abuse the way Maura did. A must read if you or someone you know is in this situation.
James Helton, 2012